How I Survive the Holidays: An Ode to Amazon & The Hallmark Channel

Can we just take some time to celebrate two of the greatest things that help us survive the holiday season?

Amazon and Hallmark Christmas Movies.

As you know, it’s a season that is filled with a lot of stress. Your calendars get bombarded with holiday parties, programs, and family gatherings. It’s not just the time commitments, either. It’s the shopping, the wrapping, and the gifting. It’s the growing darkness and cold weather. It’s the packing and traveling and sharing of germs. It’s the family dynamics, the cooking, and the hosting. Let’s face it. There is a LOT that goes into this season, so we had better find a way to embrace the darn chaos if we’re going to survive! 

How I Survive the Holidays: An Ode to Amazon & Hallmark Movies

Amazon. Enough said, right?

 Shop from home, buy all the things, and have them delivered to your door in 2 days. Midnight? No problem. Wait, it gets delivered in a perfectly sized box for you to wrap your gift in? My heart sings all the joy for this gifting convenience…

With the holidays upon us, let’s give credit where due.

So raise your glass up for Amazon, this one’s for you!

Oh Amazon, I love you for you’re always there

To save my heiny from leaving my warm cozy lair.

Lugging kiddos and carseats in and out of cold weather–

Thanks, but no thanks; ‘Buy Now’ is much better.

Two days for a package is nothing for me.

I’d wait a whole week if it meant shopping kid free!

You make me look organized, much better than true!

But the real reason I’m rockin’ is the convenience of you.

Yes, momming is hard in this day and age

So thank you for helping us conquer each day.

This holiday season let’s snuggle in with some wine

And buy gifts for our loved ones saving sanity and time!

How I Survive the Holidays: An Ode to Amazon & The Hallmark Channel

Now let’s talk about Hallmark Christmas movies.

Ooohhhh, girl. What’s better than snuggling up to a Hallmark Christmas Original on a cold December day? It’s so dang refreshing to watch something wholesome, without foul language and embarrassing scenes. How is it that I don’t even care how predictable they are? He always gets the girl and they always live happily ever after. Thank you, Hallmark, for gifting us with 294 versions of virtually the same movie. You help us survive the craziness. We love them all and will continue watching each and every one despite our growing To Do list. 

An ode to you, beloved Hallmark channel

I watch all your movies in my slippers and flannel.

The acting is cheesy, though I don’t quite care

Each message is sweeter than I can hardly bear!

I know that the right guy will win her in the end,

But I watch the whole movie to see every twist, turn, and bend.

So bring on the movies that bring Christmas cheer

They make our busiest season the best time of year! 

There you have it, ladies. I can’t lighten your calendars or take stress away, but I can remind you to take advantage of some self-indulgent joy this holiday season. Go ahead and order the gifts quickly, efficiently, and virtually pain free.

Now that those are done, put on those jammies and watch aaalll the movies!

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