Spread the Love: Small Ways to Connect With Your Partner

February is the month where we celebrate love and its many forms, but did you know is also the national month for relationship wellness? Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to show your partner that you care, but it’s also an opportunity to look beyond that one day and think of small ways you can continue to bring that awareness and caring to your relationship. Granted, Valentine’s Day is usually about the big displays of love- the flowers, the dinner, the gifts- but we also have to remember that the small things can add up.

Here are some small ways to connect with your partner and show him/her that you care:

Spread the Love: Small Ways to Connect With Your Partner

Hiding Notes

I love to hide notes for my husband. Sometimes it’s Post-its on the bathroom mirror. Other times it may be a slip of paper with an affirming message slipped in between the pages of a book he is reading.  I try to make it both expected and not so expected. Some other easy places to leave notes for your loved one:

  • Their lunchbox
  • Their purse/wallet
  • Taped in a cabinet
  • On their pillow
  • Behind the sun visor in their car
  • On the package of their favorite snack
  • Inside a laptop
  • A clothing drawer

I always try to mix up the message too. Sometimes it’s just a simple reminder of how much I love them, sometimes it’s a quote or a song lyric. I’ve been known to throw in a dad joke or two since my husband thinks they are so funny.

Make time for a deep conversation

I know my husband and I are both guilty of lacking the energy to have meaningful conversations once our children are in bed. We just spent all day working, cleaning, tending to two tiny humans who like to talk plenty, and sometimes we are ready to just sit in solitude and not say anything to anyone. It’s still important to carve out that time to connect on a deeper level than just a “How was your day?” There have been times where we think of topics and just chat about them (such as: favorite flavors of ice cream and why, the best book you have read lately, etc.). It allows for conversation to occur and not feel superficial or forced.

Share an experience that both enjoy

Making time to do things we like to do together is also a great way to show someone you care. Especially if you take on the planning! It can be as simple as a board game night, renting a movie virtually, or cooking their favorite meal. Sharing is something that you both enjoy can be a way to connect more deeply and enjoy not only the activity but each other’s company.

Spread the Love: Small Ways to Connect With Your Partner

Try something new

Spending time together trying new things is also a great way to connect. Buy a new board game, cook a new and exciting meal, try a new exercise video together. You could also explore somewhere new, like a new hiking trail or restaurant (with COVID precautions in place, of course). You will find that there is often laughter and delight in taking in something new together.

Remember to flirt

I find that my husband loves it when I flirt with him. Sometimes we get so caught up in our roles as parent, child, employee, that we forget that we are also a partner. Remembering to flirt reminds that other person that you still care about them, find them attractive, and that you are thinking about them in a way that is more than the other roles.

Showing your partner that you care should be something we all strive to do frequently, and not leave it do the big day once a year. It can be so simple and cost little to no money at all.

Try these small ways to connect with your partner and I bet you will find that your relationship is more meaningful and deeper.

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Courtney likes to describe herself as a lover of lists and post-its, all things nerdy, and as an all-around pretty awesome person. She lives in Marion with her husband, Jon, their two sons, and their two crazy cats. Both of her boys are rainbow babies, with Everett arriving in December 2013, and Hendrix in March 2016. Courtney is a Penn State graduate, and currently works as a team lead for a state agency. Aside from attempting to be successful at this parenting thing, she likes to go on adventures with her family that includes trying out all the local parks and ice cream stops. Courtney also likes to binge watch Netflix, attempt all things from Pinterest, and can be occasionally be found on her couch doing both