15+ Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do for Valentine’s Day

I have to admit, I actually love Valentine’s Day.  The colors are my favorite, chocolate is everywhere and there isn’t the same pressure and hustle as Christmas time.  One of my favorite ways to ‘spread the love’ and celebrate Valentine’s day is to do random acts of kindness around the community.  In this post you’ll find some ideas to do on your own, as a family or to encourage in your children!

random acts of kindness for Valentine's Day

Random Acts You Can Complete

  • Write a note to a teacher (or other professional) telling them how much they have impacted your children.
  • Let a friend in need know dinner is on you and deliver a meal (and disposable tableware)
  • Pay for the coffee or meal of the person behind you in line.
  • Leave a bag with a diaper, wipes and small diaper cream in a restroom with a changing table.
  • Compliment a frazzled looking mom at the store (we’ve all been there!)
  • Send an encouraging message or text to a friend who needs it.
  • Call an older relative just to chat.
  • Write a positive review for a local business.

Random Acts to Complete as a Family

  • Volunteer around the community at one of these deserving organizations.
  • Bake cookies for a new neighbor or someone who needs a visit.
  • Donate books or coloring books to a local doctor’s office.
  • Tape money on the back of books and prizes in the dollar section.
  • Create and send a care package to someone in the military.

Random Acts for Kids

  • Create cards or art projects to give to those in a nursing home or hospital.
  • Give compliments to siblings, classmates or special adults.
  • Help with a new household chore.
  • Eat lunch with someone new.

By completing some of these random acts of kindness, this Valentine’s Day, more people in your community will feel loved.  

What’s your favorite way to spread love and kindness? Comment below to add more ideas!

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Meredith was born and raised in Cedar Rapids before attending Central College in Pella and settling in Vinton. She and her husband married in 2011 and welcomed their daughter, Claire, in February of 2014. Meredith is a Title 1 Reading Teacher at Shellsburg Elementary. She is passionate about her family, connecting with friends and teaching. When she’s not spending time with her daughter, you can find Meredith catching up on social media, watching reality TV or eating tacos.