Why You Need a Family Anchor Night

Friday nights used to be MY nights. I would spend the whole week making plans to go out with friends and we’d spend the whole week looking forward to them. We’d get all dolled up and enjoy our night on the town.

Like many things in life, that changed after having my daughter. I was exhausted from working all week and my daughter was grumpy from the daily routine. To top it off, my husband was coaching for the better part of the school year.

I began to dread Friday nights.

I was seriously so tired and fed up with tantrums I began to give in and let my daughter watch a movie, something she normally would never do. I even allowed her to eat her dinner in the living-room, another big no-no at our house. I felt like a lazy mom and kept our Friday night “Movie Nights” on the downlow for fear of judgement.

After a couple weeks, I found that my daughter and I looked forward to our Friday nights. We would discuss which movie we would want to watch and how we would top our homemade pizza. We would get our jimmies on before the movie and cuddle on the couch. Sometimes, our nights would even turn into dance parties during the songs.

After a year of doing our “Friday Movie Nights” I realized how much our family loved having an anchor night during our crazy week. No matter what plans we have, we try to make our Friday night plans the same each week. We look forward to spending time together the same way every Friday. Our family won’t always be able to spend Friday nights together, but we’re going to keep it up for as long as we can!

Whether it be Taco Tuesday or Family Game Night every Saturday, I highly recommend planning a night to bring your family together each week for an anchor night.

(Need more inspiration? Check out this list!)

Even an every other week or monthly activity can anchor your family together during this hectic season. Life is crazy but bringing your family together for an activity that everyone enjoys can create memories for years to come!

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Meredith was born and raised in Cedar Rapids before attending Central College in Pella and settling in Vinton. She and her husband married in 2011 and welcomed their daughter, Claire, in February of 2014. Meredith is a Title 1 Reading Teacher at Shellsburg Elementary. She is passionate about her family, connecting with friends and teaching. When she’s not spending time with her daughter, you can find Meredith catching up on social media, watching reality TV or eating tacos.