Three Reasons Why I Love Mondays

Mondays are the best.

It’s hard to tell tone in text, so you might assume I’m being sarcastic. I assure you I am not. Outside of weekends, Mondays are my favorite day of the week.

As a bit of background into my life, I am married to my wonderful husband of 12 years and have 3 beautifully crazy daughters aged 8, 5, and 3 whom I homeschool.

With that in mind, let me tell you why I love Mondays:

I’m just coming off of a weekend filled with support and hopefully a little relaxation.

My husband works fairly typical business hours Monday-Friday. While he occasionally has to work a weekend, for the most part, he is home and actively involved in parenting with me 24/7 throughout the weekend. That means that on Monday I wake up feeling more refreshed than any other weekday because all of those other days I basically live on caffeine and a prayer.

Three Reasons Why I Love Mondays

I am insanely productive on Mondays.

Honestly, I don’t even know why this is. I assume that it’s related to the above reason, maybe with a side of “today is a fresh start.” I can put all the potty accidents and yelling and whining and complaining from last week behind me. I can assume that this week will be full of going potty on the potty, being kind to each other, being excited about everything we do, and cheerfully eating everything on our plates. (Okay, now I’m definitely being sarcastic.) Anyway, the point is that it’s a new week and it makes me want to do all the things on my list with the kind of urgent optimism I won’t have again until next Monday.

I plan our homeschool weeks on Sunday.

Similar to all of the above, planning our homeschool week gets me excited. I’m a nerd at heart and especially when I read the math plans it’s like, “Ooooh, we get to learn division this week! That’s gonna be so much fun!” So Mondays are the best. Then the kids start complaining and I have to chase my 5-year-old around yelling her school at her while she tries her hardest to get away from me and everything goes downhill from there.

Okay, I sort of feel like I’m saying Mondays are my favorite because all of the other days suck. That’s not really what I intended to do here.

Let’s backtrack a little. Mondays are great because I have energy, optimism, and excitement. That tends to go downhill a little each day until we get around to the refreshment of the weekend.

There. That was at least a nicer way to say it.

How do you feel about Mondays? If you think they’re the worst, what is your favorite day and why? And have any of you figured out the secret to getting your kids to stop complaining about their food?

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Marla is a lifelong Cedar Rapidian who met her husband, Shawn, at the local Dairy Queen in 2005 and married him in 2009. They have three beautiful and spunky daughters (8, 5, 3) who keep them on their toes. Marla is a stay at home mom who spends very little time at home. She loves children and has spent the last 8 years doing in-home daycare and spent 5 years doing foster care. Marla is an adoptive parent, a homeschooling mom, and a very active member of her local church. In whatever free time she can find, Marla enjoys reading a good love story or watching a chick flick.


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