The Magic of a Yes Day

The “Yes Day” challenge isn’t a new one, but in case you haven’t heard of it you are in for a treat! (Or at least your kids are!)

Picture this; a whole entire day- that’s right, sunup to sun-down- where you are not allowed to use the word “no” in response to your child’s requests.

I know, I know I probably sound like a mom who’s lost her mind, but stepping out of your comfort zone of parenting for just a day can be fun for you too!

So, How Does it Work?

The Magic of a Yes DayEasy Peasy- you just say YES all day! 

Leftover Halloween candy for breakfast? Yes!

Sleeping bag slides down the staircase? Absolutely!

The dreaded slime that you banned from the house after the last giant mess? You got it!

Try not to overthink it too much; it is just for one day. You can still set boundaries and limits. The whole idea is having fun for a day by dropping your usual no and inserting a cheery yes!

Do You Have to Plan It?

Skip the to-do list and sticky notes, and enjoy a little impulsivity! You don’t have to go full-on rogue– instead, you can set aside a specific day and set a budget you are comfortable spending.

Remember the boundaries we discussed? This is where they come into play. Explain to your children what a Yes Day is, and really focus on the aspect of it being one day. It won’t be a weekend free for all, and requests won’t be good on future days- it is specific to the one chosen day only. 

Be Prepared to be Shocked with Revelations.

As an adult sometimes we forget how often we get to decide things for ourselves, by saying yes we are empowering our children to make their own decisions. We are instilling a little self-confidence within them. You might even be shocked at how well your kids will listen when they feel heard. 

Chances are you might even be a little shocked at how many times your immediate reaction is to say “no” before you remember you’re supposed to be saying “yes”. You’ll feel so connected to your children once every yes you say sparks a little magic in their eyes. 

Mom Tip- Have Some Fun Ideas Ready

I know the concept is to say yes, but the buzzkill is you probably can’t say yes to every request. To avoid any outrageous requests, which are typically pretty slim, it can help the day go more smoothly having a few ideas to suggest!

The Magic of a Yes Day

  • Buy several flavors of frosting and vote on the favorite
  • Order an all-white puzzle and color your own masterpieces on it
  • Hop around in pillowcases
  • Watch a Youtube video of a science experiment, and then do it together
  • Make a carnival at home and facepaint each other
  • Build a spaceship out of those Amazon boxes that have piled up and eat dinner inside it

Really try to gauge your children’s interest and just run with it!

Say Yes to Yourself Too

It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of adulthood and parenting, so let Yes Day give you a chance to let loose. Allow yourself to be a little carefree and live in the moment with your family; you’ll be making lasting memories.

It can be disheartening for you to say no to your children all the time, so break that mold on Yes Day, and maybe it’ll inspire you to say yes on ordinary days too!

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Carly is a true Iowan, born and raised. She’s a Pinterest fail type of single mom to six year old Stella, who enthusiastically dances to the beat of her own drum. For her day job you’ll find her with a cup of coffee in hand as a secretary at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. After hours, she’s bingeing her true crime podcasts, reading all the books, and having mini JoJo Siwa dance parties with her daughter Stella.