Mommies Love Minivans

Two things inspired me to write this post: my love for the writing of children’s author, Adam Rubin, and a faithful member of my family, my minivan.

I hope this inspires you to pick up the pages of one of our favorite books, Dragons Love Tacos.

Hey, Kiddo!

Did you know that mommies love minivans?

They love new ones and used ones, black ones and baby blue ones.

Bumper stickers, leather seats.

Navigation to guide her through the streets.

 mommies love minivans

Why do mommies love minivans?

Maybe it’s the Bluetooth capabilities to accommodate the chaos.

Maybe it’s the built-in vacuum or child-silencing DVD player.

No matter what the reason they go so ga-ga over these four-wheeled wonders, you want to keep your mommy happy while cruisin’ in her rockin’ ride.

But wait!

As much as mommies love minivans, they hate a minivan that has lost the Zen-vibe.

They hate seats sprinkled with week-old mystery crumbs.

They hate burst of obnoxious noises and random, repetitive questions (i.e.: “Are we there yet?).

If the Feng Shui of the minivan gets thrown off due to childhood shenanigans, the mommies can’t stand it.

Just one dumped and trampled bag of Goldfish makes their top knot flop.

Constant kicking on the back of her chair has her counting deep yoga breaths.

Sibling bickering battles are enough to make her spew coffee breath all over you.

If you want to keep Mommy happy in the minivan, keep your manners polished.

Seat buckle intact? Check.

Sweet, positive demeanor? Check.

Personal bubble clean? Check.

Let’s recap.

Why do mommies love minivans?

Maybe it’s the dual sliding doors.

Maybe it’s the built-in cold drawer.

Perhaps it’s that feeling of not being beneath any BMW.

mommies love minivans

The only thing that mommies love more than minivans, is a minivan filled with their sweetest treasure.

What is that, you might ask?

It’s you, young fella!

The real reason why mommies love minivans so much is because they want a place to keep you safe and accommodate all of your gear.

That grin she makes when she pulls into the parking lot while doing her mom thing? It’s because she is so proud to have her precious cargo safely wrapped in style.

It’s not really about all the bells and whistles on her sweet vehicle.

It’s about making you happy.

Don’t feel any competition between you and the four-wheeled wonder. You win.

Yes, Mommy’s minivan is here to stay. But, you are her everything, forever and ever.

Mommy gleams just thinking about all the memories you will make together in her home away from home.

After all, mommies love moments with you.

 mommies love minivans




Sarah has lived in the area her entire life and now resides in Cedar Rapids with her husband of almost 9 years, son Jameson (6), daughter Samantha Jo(2), and son Calum (1 month). She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in English Teaching. She currently teaches English at Linn-Mar High School, her former stomping grounds. She enjoys long strolls through Target, spending time with her family, reading, and attempting yoga poses.