Hey Heylee: Moods, Toddlers, and Romance, Oh My!

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Hey Heylee: Moods, Toddlers, and Romance, Oh My!Not in the Mood

Hey Heylee,

My moods are all over the place because of pregnancy.  One minute, I’m laughing and the next I am bawling.  How can I deal with this?

Um, what if I answer this wrong?  Please don’t cry.  Or do. No, wait–don’t.  Your mascara looks really good.  Look, I know it’s hard to navigate the wacky world of emotions right now.  While I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, or qualified in any way to tell you what to do, here’s what you need to do:  Breathe.  Be present and sit with your feelings.  They’ll eventually get bored and move on.

In the meantime, stock up on the funniest things on the planet like the podcast Smartless, create a playlist of your favorite Happy Songs, binge-watch a hilarious show, or read anything written by David Sedaris.  Before you know it, your pregnancy will be over and you’ll be missing the days you ate Burger King and canned peaches with cottage cheese for a light snack.

Toss in the Towel

Hey Heylee,

I give up. I can’t keep my toddler from throwing his toys on the floor all the time.  What do I do?

My grandmother used to always say to me “you can’t throw something when it’s glued to the floor.”  I couldn’t throw my money around so that old adage saved me thousands of dollars.

Chances are your child may not be able to communicate what’s going on inside his/her head.  So, your kid wants to throw?  Great.  Then, show your kid something s/he can throw.  “Hey, it looks like you’re in a throwing mood.  Let’s throw a ball instead.  Which ball do you want to throw?”  Head outside or somewhere that feels safe and appropriate. Works like a charm.  Better to throw a ball than to throw shade.

Choosing the Right Place for My Kid

Hey Heylee,

I’ll be going back to work next fall and need to put my kid in daycare.  I have no idea what to look for or ask.  How do I know if it’s good?

There are obvious things to think about and then there are those things that are less obvious.  Of course, you want to choose a location that’s convenient, offers the hours/flexibility needed, is fully staffed, and hands your child a puppy whenever they get hurt ;). Yes, childcare will cost an arm and a leg, but the first six years of life are crucial in building the foundation for learning.  Ask yourself what’s important:

  • Highly qualified and trained teachers and leadership
  • Multiculturalism
  • Structure/routine
  • Family participation
  • Setting goals together
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, physical activities, nature)
  • Philosophy in learning

Schedule a tour with the childcare center and prepare to ask questions.

Now I AM in the Mood

Hey Heylee,

It’s been forever since my husband and I went on a date or had time for romance.  What’s your best date spot?

Start your date on the phone with some thoughtful, loving texts throughout the day.  And if you’re feeling a little flirty, go ahead and send a SFW pic with messages you know he’ll like.  If it’s possible, plan some alone time in the bedroom first so that you’re physically and emotionally connected before going out for the date. A broom closet will do.  Then, head out to my personal favorite spot, R.G. Books Lounge, and cuddle on the u-shaped sofas where you lovebirds can soak up the warm candlelight, soft music, and a classic cocktail.

You can also check out some of our other favorite date night spots here!

Need advice? Got more questions?  I’ve got relatively acceptable answers.  Send your parenting questions to:  [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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