Embarking on Adding a Puppy to your Family Can be Ruff

This month, we got a puppy! We already had a toddler.  We’re quickly learning that they’re eerily similar.  If you’re considering adding another member to your family (this time in furry form), here are a few things that can help make your decision!

  • Both put everything in their mouths.
  • Both run off.
  • Both need their butts picked up on the reg.
  • If you have both a puppy and a toddler, you’ll get the puppy fixed (AKA the Bob Barker), and you’ll strongly consider getting yourself or your spouse fixed.
  • When you yell, “DOWN!” they’ll both briefly stop, look at you, and then continue on.
  • When you yell, “DROP IT!” they’ll look at you, then run away with whatever it is that they’re not supposed to have.


Along our short journey, we’ve discovered that:

  • It’s basically pointless to buy them anything.  They’ll play with what you least suspect, like sticks, food bowls, or each other.
  • They cost a small fortune, but mostly in taking care of their poop form (ie: diapers and poop bags).
  • It’s not that big of a deal when your child eats dog food (and they WILL).
  • Your older kids learn pretty quickly to pick up their toys.
  • Babies are WAY easier to clean after messy dinner with a dog around.


There are A LOT of dogs in need of good homes.  Lucky for us here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there are a lot of local reputable rescues and shelters to adopt from locally. Of course, you’re welcome to shop breeders, but try these outlets first.  The cost will be less. The dogs will be vetted, and probably neutered/spayed already.

If you decide to embark on this journey (pun TOTALLY intended), prepare yourself for literal chaos.  You’ll make it through, slightly furrier, a little frazzled, and thinking it’s totally worth it when you see your kids snuggling with their new best friend (even though you’re adding a million chores to your life)!



Jen is a good friend to have, even remotely. She’s full of awesome personal stories, research to back up her facts, and is always good for a perfectly timed pun. She’s also a mother to three little ones, who are often underfoot, generally when she’s *trying* to work. Her work includes: co-owning a private practice clinic in the Iowa City area called Encompass Lactation where she works as a Lactation Consultant, moonlighting as a freelancer for a few mom/baby magazines and product lines, and furiously working on publishing a book due this fall. When not hovering over a laptop, Jen is sitting with a glass of wine in hand, watching tv with her husband, Matthew.