Corridor Mom Spotlight: Nicole Agee

You may have seen Nicole Agee on air as a morning anchor on KCRG-TV9. Or around town volunteering with numerous local organizations. We caught up with this busy mom of two to find out how she balances the working mom life and what she loves about calling the Corridor home!

Corridor Mom Spotlight: Nicole Agee

Nicole AgeeTell us about yourself and your family.

Adam and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in June. We met as Journalism students at the University of Missouri and both of us work at KCRG-TV9. We have two kids, Jack (5), Holly (1) and a rescue dog, Jovi.

How long have you lived in the Corridor? What’s your favorite thing about living here?

My husband and I moved to Cedar Rapids for jobs at TV9 in 2009. Growing up in Ottumwa, my family visited Cedar Rapids to shop at Westdale and eat at Bishop’s (my grandparents’ favorite). Staying this close to home wasn’t part of my original plan, but we’re thrilled to be in the Corridor. It’s a great place to raise a family and there’s never a shortage of things to do. My commute is short, the sunsets are long and we can afford to have family adventures.

What’s the biggest joy of motherhood for you?

Watching my son take care of his sister – I wasn’t emotionally prepared for how much they would love each other.

What’s the biggest challenge of motherhood for you?

Letting the little things go (cleaning, laundry, etc.) to be present with my kids in the limited time we have together on my schedule. Soon enough, my kids will grow up and won’t need me as much.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work and/or volunteer activities?

My job and my volunteer activities have introduced me to countless fascinating people. I have a natural habit of interviewing anyone I meet, so make sure you have a few extra minutes if you say hello at the grocery store!

How do you balance motherhood, work, and life?

I’m still looking for that balance – I’m a work in progress. Parents feel pressure to do it all: have a clean home, a rewarding career, well-mannered kids, and Instagram-worthy weekends. I’m learning to tell myself that it’s okay to “fail” sometimes for the sake of sanity and a little sleep.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” for Lids, Lashes and Lips is magical. I wear A LOT of makeup on the air, and this stuff can cut through anything without irritating my skin.

What’s 1 thing you never leave home without besides your purse/phone?

A snack! It prevents an impulsive trip to the vending machine or drive-thru and can also calm a cranky kid.

What are 5 of your favorite Corridor places to eat/play/hang out?

Coral Ridge Mall/Iowa Children’s Museum 
Cobble Hill
Theatre Cedar Rapids
G5 Fitness
Veterans Memorial Stadium (Go Kernels!)

*Special thanks to Nicole Agee for sharing with us! Be sure to check her out on weekday mornings on KCRG-TV 9! While you’re at it, see our other Corridor Mom Spotlights here!

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