Defeating FOMO With Six NEW Cedar Rapids Area Activities

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real thing. Even before the pandemic, scrolling through your personal social media accounts could trigger a sense of drowning in self-doubt and a feeling of being left out. It can be anxiety-inducing and depressing to wade through a sea of posts about activities that show photos of smiling, happy people engaged in fun activities that don’t include you. The emotion of feeling like you’re missing out on something is quite real, and during this time that challenges you to do anything out and about, it can be overwhelming.

Defeating FOMO With Six NEW Cedar Rapids Area Activities

Rather than dwell in a pool of FOMO, I’ve been tracking the comings and goings of friends connected with the local tourism industry. They have spent the past several months highlighting businesses, activities, and restaurants that might be underutilized during this pandemic. While the public health recommendation is to continue social distancing, using masks, and avoiding unnecessary travel, there are new local activities available that can safely provide you an escape from a dulling, daily routine. Me and my face mask are tackling FOMO head-on, and I’m taking a closer look at these six new activities in the Cedar Rapids area that can reinvigorate my social media feed and my days.

Llama Photo Op

Prairie Patch Farm is a private 50-acre wildlife refuge and nature preserve near Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they host one-of-a-kind experiences with llamas! Llama hikes and “Selfies & Snuggles” are available for adults and kids alike on a llama farm located near Shueyville just south of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Visit their website:

New Restaurant- Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery

My friends have been raving about the healthy, fresh meals at Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery on Boyson Road in Cedar Rapids. The Insta-worthy pics of soups, salads, and fresh desserts have propelled this restaurant on to my to-do list. 

Visit their website:

Getting My Art On

Just a few months ago the Czech Village dedicated the Mucha Meets Iowa mural. We’re heading out to stroll through the Czech Village to “Chezch” it out (see what I did there? You’re welcome.) 

Missing Travel?

Thanks, Facebook Memories, for reminding me of that trip to Sonoma a few years ago. While I can’t get to California right now, there’s an 85-acre farm near Iowa City, harkened to be a “Napa in the Iowa countryside.” Some of my friends have boasted about grabbing a wood-fired pizza on a Sunday at Walker Homestead, and others have enjoyed their great produce and menu from home by using Walker’s pick-up menu. It’s on my list now, too.

Visit their website:

Culinary Takeout 

We still try to support our local restaurants, but some of our tried and true favorites are getting tired.  The Hotel at Kirkwood has warmed up its culinary kitchen and is offering carryout family meal deals for $25. Follow them on FB to get your family out of their food rut.


We’re all feeling cooped up. One of these nights I’m putting on my mask and throwing my frustrations away at Civil Axe in downtown CR. Hour blocks are available for $20.

Which new activity are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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Renee holds three titles that are of utmost importance to her: mom to Cale and Ian; wife to Andy; and Communications Director for Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Although she has a Master’s degree from the University of Iowa, her heart still shines cardinal and gold for Iowa State University where she received her undergraduate degree. Renee’s a foodie who loves cooking, travel, her friends, her family, the Oxford comma, and happy hour. Cheers!