RSVP Rage: When People Forgo Etiquette 

 Dear friend who doesn’t RSVP,

Friend, you know that I am a planner. I love to organize, plan, come up with themes and have everyone “ooh” and “ah” over the final production. From baby showers and bridal parties to girls’ night get togethers and birthday parties, I am your go-to planner girl.

Yet, as fun as they are to dream up and execute, parties stress me the heck out.

I know planning any party should be a happy and exciting time. I have the knack for it and love doing it, but I know with planning comes stress and anxiousness.

RSVP Rage When People Forego Proper Party Etiquette

Why?  Because I become a worrier.

I worry there will not be enough food.

I worry there will be too much food.

 I worry people aren’t having a good time.

 I worry no one will come.

I worry about appearing even more socially awkward than I already am.

But mostly, I get irked that people choose to not or forget to RSVP.


If you can’t come, no worries! Please just let me know! That way I don’t have to wonder if you’re coming or hurriedly adjust my preparations if you do. I also wouldn’t have to harass you by phone and email reminding you to make a decision (because no one likes that). I don’t care how you get a hold of me– you can call, text, Facebook, or casually mention in person. Just don’t leave me hanging in RSVP limbo!

RSVP Rage When People Forego Proper Party Etiquette

Why do people not RSVP? I simply can’t wrap my head around it.

Is there just no time to write a “yes, I can make it” or “no, but thanks for the invite” message? Is it because you forgot? Did you want to wait until the last minute? Maybe you didn’t think you’d have to!

Didn’t want to hurt my feelings? Wanted to leave it open until something better came along? Or, are you just incredibly inconsiderate?

I get it. Life gets busy and things come up, but still, it’s no excuse for poor etiquette.

I’m a mom of a toddler and an infant, I know it’s easy to put the invite somewhere and forget about it. I know how disorganized, discombobulated and exhausted you may be. I really feel you, girl. But, I ALWAYS make a point to contact the person who invited me and let them know what my status is – even if I can’t make it.

If you get an invite, a short and sweet YES or NO is all I need – it’s simple, really. It takes no more than five seconds. Just RSVP and move on. If you’re unsure, then please email me the situation and keep me informed before the “RSVP by” date, preferably.

Whether you have commitment-phobia, you legitimately forgot, you didn’t want to go, or you just thought you didn’t have to, PLEASE for the love of GOD help a sister out so I don’t lose my marbles.


A sincerely frazzled mom planner

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Kailee is a natural-minded mom with a passion for writing, experimenting in the kitchen, being outside, and traveling the world. She’s a Content Manager by day and supermom & wife by night to two beautiful little girls and husband of 7 years. She has lived in Cedar Rapids most of her life and digs the big city yet small town feel. You can catch her scoping out local dives & cafes, and biking the Cedar Valley Trail on the weekends. She lives on good coffee, good wine, and good conversation.


  1. It drives me mad too as I am the same way!! I really think people just don’t want to commit. They just want to leave it open and when the day comes, go if they want. It is annoying! I also hate how “maybe” is an option on Facebook invites. Most people just click that right away and then never go back and change it to yes or no. I always say if I see a maybe that means no…… I always end up over buying and it drives me mad and my hubby mad 🙁

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