Why Do I Love {All Things} Fall Most of All?

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Why do I love fall?

There are so many reasons. I’ll share a few and hopefully remind you how much you love fall, too.

With the chaos of last year and all the fun activities, social get-togethers and family celebrations missed, I think I’ve been more reluctant than normal to let the long, warm days of summer go. However, as September 1st came and went, the temperatures (temporarily) cooled, and all around me I started seeing all the things I love about fall, my resolve to keep summer around a tad long began to crumble.

Do all things pumpkin spice put a smile on your face?

If not, maybe a few of my favorite things will:

1. Foliage

While we’re a bit off on the timing yet, I’ve started to see fall peeking out around corners here and there. Just this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful array of yellow lining the Cedar Valley Trail. These gorgeous flowers are a sign cooler temperatures are near and days will soon shorten, bringing us even more bursts of color as the trees begin to shift.

Fall flowers

If you haven’t had a chance, I highly recommend a fall road trip north/northeast. Head toward the upper Mississippi and you’ll be rewarded with the twisting roads, rolling hills, and eye-catching bluffs. Pikes Peak is a family favorite of ours. The views there are truly second to none September-October.

The best part is when the sunlight hits the vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red, and lights up the world with a glow that hits me deep in my soul. I can’t explain it, but if this sentiment resonates with you, then you know. There is something about this sight that fills me with happiness and a sense of rightness in the world.

2. Cool weather

While this might be controversial for some, as fall usually means our least favorite season is around the corner, I cannot deny my love for temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. The sun still warms you from the outside in, but you can casually enjoy the outdoors without sticking to surfaces, sweating, or quickly dehydrating. Add in a little from #3 and we have a match made in heaven!

3. Fuzzy sweaters, jeans, boots, and a cozy scarf

There’s nothing better than a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, a comfy sweater, killer boots, and a cozy scarf. Added all together, you have a happy gal!

4. Pumpkins. Pumpkins. MORE pumpkins!

Need I say more? Well, if you need a little convincing, stop by our favorite pumpkin spot at Jordan’s Farm right off Highway 30 on the way to Mt. Vernon. Once the pumpkins are harvested, you can’t miss it! The variety is incredible, as is the quality. I promise you won’t find better prices around.

5. All things apple aka the “smell of fall”

Apples, cider, pies – oh my! Lucky for me, I love apples, the taste of apples, the smell of apples — all of it. That said, I’m known to be a little snobby about the type of apple I love best. Last year, on a whim, we stopped by The Big Apple Orchard (also on Highway 30 heading toward Mt. Vernon) on a morning they were making fresh apple donuts and cider. WOW. If you haven’t stopped by yet, put it on your list now! Literally heaven in your mouth. We also snagged a bag of freshly picked Honeycrisp apples, thinking even if we only like a few, it was supporting a local business hit hard by the Derecho. Once home, I don’t think the apples lasted more than two days. Yes, they were that good. I’m patiently awaiting harvest time this year, as I plan to stock up!

6. Outdoor activities

Football games, tailgating, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, you name it — our area has no shortage of opportunities to get out in the community, support local businesses and take in all the many ways living in the Midwest during fall surpasses all other locales.

7. Halloween

Although the right choice, it was sad to see the kids miss one of the best holidays all year in 2020. I’m hoping this year we can safely allow the kids a chance to don the costume of their favorite superhero, villain, princess, or character. Even though our kids are older these days, we love seeing the creativity and uniqueness of the kiddos in our neighborhood.

8. Spooks and creeps

The witch is in! And, along with the changing weather, we can expect to see a barrage of scary, creepy, and frightening ghouls all around — TV, in the theater, stores all around — bring it on! I’ll trade the Hallmark Christmas movies for October’s month-long horrors and frights any day of the week!

9. Craft fairs/shows

We missed a few of our favorites last year due to COVID-related cancellations. While many event organizers attempted virtual equivalents, it just wasn’t the same. My fingers (and toes!) are crossed, hoping this year will return to normal and we can all get out to see the immense talent in our communities. These handmade goods make for fantastic gifts for what comes next! Wink. Wink.

10. My birthday!

What can I say? I was born during the best month of the year (October!).

Did reading about the fall things I love most of all spark warm memories of what you love most about fall? I hope so!

Comment below and tell us what you love most about fall in the corridor.

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Amber grew up Eastern Iowa. Coe College brought her to Cedar Rapids, but her love for the city and community made her stay. She and her husband of 15 years, Shannon, share a home in Marion with their two children (13 year old daughter & 10 year old son). Her passions include outdoor activities in our city’s many parks and trails, exploring unique, locally owned business, as well as all things creative. If you ask her about her bucket list, she’ll share endless travel destinations! Amber spends her days as the Director of Fundraising Marketing, leading a talented team of creatives for nearly 18 years. She is also a devoted advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other underrepresented causes.


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