Five Ways to Keep Valentine’s Day Alive, Even if You Don’t Love It

We are not a big Valentine’s Day-celebrating family. 

My husband and I choose not to celebrate with each other; sometimes we get cards but we mostly let the day pass by like any other.  However, we have always gotten our kids something.  A little V-day gift basket and a fun card to let them have some magic in the middle of winter.  To me, this little speedbump of a “holiday” is just a fun stop between Christmas and springtime.  It means we’re halfway done with winter and on the downhill slide to warmer weather.  Not something worth spending a lot of money on, but enough to give a nod of enjoyment.

Let’s be real though: most of the Valentine’s day celebrations are at schools or daycare– until this year.

Our school district canceled all celebrations for Valentine’s day (as well as Halloween!).  Although this was due to the pandemic, they are keeping this policy moving forward for years to come. 

This makes me so sad for my daughter.  Going into kindergarten next year, she will never have Halloween parades or Valentine’s day parties with friends at school.   I’m sure there are many who are happy about this due to the extra work and chaos they cause, but I precious memories of these from my own childhood and with my step-kids. 

Now I’ve realized, if my husband and I don’t celebrate, and the kids can’t celebrate at school, is Valentine’s Day dead? If so, I refuse to lose!  We’ve all lost enough this year, and I don’t want another thing taken away.

So, here are five ways to keep Valentine’s day alive (from the perspective of someone who doesn’t even like Valentine’s day):

Keeping Valentine's Day Alive, Even if You Don't Love It

1. Give presents!

Who doesn’t love presents?  Present a small gift and card that make this day stand out different from others

2. A fun dinner. 

We usually grab a heart-shaped pizza from a local pizza place, which is both cute and easy meal prep

3. Have a party at home

If you can’t pass out Valentine’s at school, I don’t have a good alternative – sorry, I’m not that good!  But I have considered after the pandemic is over, and Z is a bit older, to let her have a Valentine’s day party at our house each year.  Snacks, valentines, and friends after school sounds fun to me!

4. Find a way to share the love!

Making Valentines for Vets or donations to a local pantry can keep the love alive! Check out our post on how to get your kids involved in showing love to our community!

5. Send valentines to everyone you care for!

There’s no easier way to keep Valentine’s Day alive then sending cards to your loved ones. Friends, grandparents, brothers & sisters, cousins & aunts and uncles are a few that come to mind.

If you don’t love those (see what I did there?) do a quick google search on “fun ideas for Valentines Day” and you will stumble upon list after list of cool ideas.  Try to utilize February 14 as a marker of a day to get you to do something out of your comfort zone.  It doesn’t have to be expensive like dinner, flowers, and candy.  It can be a day where  you start new traditions, watch a Valentine’s day movie, or try a new food.

To me, it’s just about standing against losing one more thing. 

I want my kids to have a magical childhood and it’s getting harder and harder to do that.  Letting one more thing slide away doesn’t feel right – and this time I’m taking action. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Katy is a working wife and mother to three. She attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids (Kohawks for life!) and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and English. Married in June 2014 to husband her Nate, Katy brought along her rescue dog, Sadie, and with Nate came two bonus kids. Nate and Katy welcomed their daughter, Zoey, in April 2016 and have happily completed their family. Well, until more dogs are needed. Currently working full time and supporting three active kids, Katy has a hard time squeezing in her own hobbies. But, when she gets a chance, she enjoys spending time with her family, being active, and reading.