One Dough, Many Cookies: Tips For Easy Holiday Baking

It’s the busiest most wonderful time of the year!  Classroom parties, work potlucks, and family get-togethers dot the holiday season.  Many of these events ask that you bring some goodies to share, but what to do when you are short on time?  

Well, grab some pre-made sugar cookie dough, scrounge up some supplies around your house and gather your kids to make these three fun and easy cookies!    

One Dough Three Ways Christmas Easy BakingCreate Easy Marbled Dough

Divide your cookie dough into separate bowls and add one color of food coloring.  Keep mixing and adding food coloring until the color is evenly dispersed.  Combine the different colored dough sections into a pattern, then roll the dough to make one large slab.  Cut out cookies with cookie cutters (In a pinch? Use a rim of a glass!).

To do a second batch, try to separate the colors and remake the pattern or try a new one.  The colors will mix and swirl a bit but that’s the fun part! Bake for the suggested amount of time, let cool and enjoy!

Extra Tip: For a more of a marbled look, add less food coloring and mix the dough less.  

Get Fancy With an Embossed Rolling Pin

Roll the cookie dough flat with a regular rolling pin.  Once the dough is all level, firmly roll the embossed rolling pin over it to create a design.  (Don’t have one yet? Check out these adorable ones!) Cut out cookies with cookie cutters.  Bake for the suggested amount of time, let cool and enjoy!

Extra Tip:  Be sure to use plenty of flour on both rolling pins so the dough does not stick and your design really stands out.

Decorate Plain Cookies with Sugar Sprinkles

Choose some sugar sprinkles in the color of your choice.  Pour some sugar sprinkles out onto a bowl or plate. Take a sugar cookie ball and roll it in the sprinkles.  (Want to take it up a notch? Use multiple colors at a time!) Next, place on the cookie sheet and slightly press down with a flat surface. Bake for the suggested amount of time, let cool and enjoy!  

Extra Tip:  To get the most vivid colors after baking, make sure to coat the dough liberally with sprinkles. 

So bookmark these ideas for when time is tight and impress everyone with your festive cookies and make a few memories in the process! 

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Meredith was born and raised in Cedar Rapids before attending Central College in Pella and settling in Vinton. She and her husband married in 2011 and welcomed their daughter, Claire, in February of 2014. Meredith is a Title 1 Reading Teacher at Shellsburg Elementary. She is passionate about her family, connecting with friends and teaching. When she’s not spending time with her daughter, you can find Meredith catching up on social media, watching reality TV or eating tacos.