Fun & Unique Stocking Stuffers for Tweens

Do you look at your child and wonder when those legs got so long?

When did those precious cheeks lose their delightfully round and squishy quality? If you find yourself watching them do something with confidence you had no idea they could do, you just might have a tween!

Tweens are defined as children ages 9-12 who are in the process of leaving childhood and entering adolescence.

In short, it means your baby is becoming a teenager, mama! They may not love the toys they once obsessed over and are experimenting with new interests and styles. It’s as exciting as it is sad, but make no mistake! They ARE still a kid and most definitely still want “Santa” to stuff their stockings full of goodies this Christmas!

Fun & Unique Stocking Stuffers for TweensHere are fun stocking stuffer ideas that are as unique as your growing tween!

Local Yum Stuff

Local Fun Stuff

Fancy Stuff

Cool Stuff

Fidget Stuff

Art Stuff

Educational Stuff

Stuck somewhere between a child and a teen, your child will love knowing that no matter how big they get, their mama always makes sure to slip a few surprises into their stockings to bring them joy on Christmas morning.
Happy stuffing!

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Amy is a North Dakota girl who fell in love with Iowa when she moved to Cedar Rapids as a newlywed in 2006. She's an elementary teacher turned homeschooling mom of twin girls (2011) and a little sister (2014). Her ongoing struggle, is keeping faith at the heart of family life, while still encouraging each of her girls to follow their passions and find their unique gifts. Amy is a lover of words, winter sports, theater, and chocolate. She hopes you find love and encouragement through the posts on CRMoms because mom-ing is always better together.


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