Renee Nelson

Renee Nelson
Renee holds three titles that are of utmost importance to her: mom to Cale and Ian; wife to Andy; and Communications Director for Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Although she has a Master’s degree from the University of Iowa, her heart still shines cardinal and gold for Iowa State University where she received her undergraduate degree. Renee’s a foodie who loves cooking, travel, her friends, her family, the Oxford comma, and happy hour. Cheers!
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Iowa, Wash Your Face

My husband and I are Iowans but have lots of family in Texas-- cousins, aunts, uncles, fraternity brothers. You get the idea. And you know what you'll never hear in the great state of...

My Children Shouldn’t Carry the Weight of Your Labels

As a mom with kiddos who are involved in a lot of sports, I spend a lot of my time chatting on the sidelines. I’m talking with fellow parents, grandparents and family friends of...
Understanding Educational Lingo

Learning the Lingo: A Parent’s Guide to Educational Terms

Just like any other industry, education uses a language filled with acronyms and rooted in science. You need to break through some of that lingo in order to support your student. I consider myself blessed...

Always Avoid Absolutes: The Complete Truth About “Always” and “Never”

It starts before the baby is even conceived. You’re enjoying happy hour (because before kids, happy hour happened all the time, right?)  Then a family with a toddler plops into the booth behind you. They...
These factors most positively influence student achievement

Survey Says: These Factors Most Positively Affect Student Achievement

We all know there’s no handbook for this parenting gig, and that lack of official guidance is one reason we’re all looking for tips and ideas to do it better. I often think about writing...
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You’re Not Alone: 3 Resources For Behavioral and Developmental Support

I had my youngest son 10 weeks early. All new moms know that overwhelming, information-overload, sleep-deprived feeling so well. That feeling is amplified when you’re thrust into the NICU, navigating tubes and cords to care...