Paola Ayers

Paola, originally from Puerto Rico, came to Iowa to study at Iowa state University where Ryan, an Iowa native, won her heart and they’ve been married for five years. They now call Cedar Rapids home and work as landscape designers in North Liberty. They love watching their toddler, Olivia, grow and are excited to see her as a big sister in the Fall of 2019. Paola's hobbies include crafting, running, yoga, baking and anything handmade. She recently opened Pikosa Creations to share her creativity with the world. Her passions include family, kindness, desserts and vacations to the beach.

Seven Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goals

We came into 2021 with high hopes. This year had to be better. We set our eyes on the horizon and imagined this gorgeous year ahead. Then, January happened. It was tough. We are...

Mama, You Are Just as Important as Everyone Else

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Speak up! Advocating for Your Kids at the Doctor’s Office.

It was just another routine visit to the doctor. I headed to the pediatrician’s office at the end of the day for my youngest’s one-year checkup. My masked four-year-old tagged along to get her flu...

Cedar Rapids Area Trick or Treat Times, Trunk or Treats, and Halloween Activities 2020

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It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and I’m Feeling Nostalgic

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! We celebrate this from mid-September to mid-October every year to commemorate the great Hispanic personalities and accomplishments in the United States. FYI, the term Hispanic refers to people living in the...

Is it COVID-19 or a Cold? Sickness and Anxiety During a Pandemic

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Cedar Rapids Parks with Trails

A Guide to Our Favorite Cedar Rapids Parks with Trails

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My Children, I Hope That Your World Is Better Than Mine

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The Best Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

The best advice I have ever been given came from an unexpected source. The timing was perfect, the tone was spot on and the person who gave it was sincere. It was from my...

How to Socialize while Self-Isolating {COVID-19}

Let's face it-- humans need socialization. Face to face interactions are part of our nature. Quite frankly, it might be what keeps us sane a lot of the time. So what happens when a...