Natalie Ivory

Natalie Ivory is a University of Iowa grad who grew in Traer, a small Iowa town. She spent time living in Des Moines and Dayton, OH before relocating back to Cedar Rapids where she’s lived for 6 years. She loves her job in marketing/communications at ACT, Inc and is pursuing her MBA. Natalie has been married to Greg since 2011, and their first son, Leo, was born in the summer of 2014, 7 years to the day after they first met. Baby #2, George, was born in October 2016 making them a happy little family of 4.

Mama Takes a Time-Out

Like other parents, sometimes I have to put my two and a half year old in time-out. There are various reasons he can land there - he’s not listening, acting too crazy and needs to...

National Pet Day: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Family Pets

It's National Pet Day - a day meant for loving and appreciating all pets. So, today we salute our pets! Did you know there are approximately 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs living as pets...
Hours with My kids: A Working Mom's Reality

Four Hours With My Kids: A Working Mom’s Reality

I am a working mom. I work full-time outside of the home, which for me means 8 hours a day at work, and 1 hour a day commuting to and from work. Between sleeping schedules and...

Ideas for a Girls Night Out in Cedar Rapids

Hey, mama. Yeah, I'm talking to you! When was the last time you got dressed in something other than yoga pants (not counting for work)? Has your hair been put up in a messy bun for...

Mamas: Be Kind to Yourself

I came to the realization the other day that I haven’t been very nice to myself lately. In general, I think I'm a pretty decent person. I take care of my family, do my best...

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Life is busy. Like, really busy. As a working mom, my time is precious.  I'm sure a stay-at-home mom feels the same way.  Anything I can do to give myself more time is certainly...

A Letter to My Baby as You Become a Big Brother

Dear sweet boy, Well, we've had a good run. For two years and a month you've been my baby, my only child, my whole world. But, any day now, your world is about to be rocked. There's a...

Preparing for Baby {This Time}

I am officially just eight weeks out from the birth of baby #2. But based on my level of preparedness, you’d think I just found out I was pregnant last month. From the time...

Maternity Clothes – Thinking Outside the Traditional Closet

In my second go-round with pregnancy, I have found a lot of things to be different. Whereas I hardly felt the baby move at all during my first pregnancy, this baby reminds me of a jumping...

Staying Calm in a Scary World

I have a confession to make, something I need to get off my chest. I’m scared. That’s the confession. My confession is that as an adult, and especially as a mother in today’s society, I...