Missy Drzycimski

Missy is an Arizona native who migrated to Iowa on a whim and fell in love. She is a social worker by profession but stepped away from her career to be a pseudo-SAHM to her two girls: 8 year-old Selah and 2 year-old Mercy. She has been married for 10 wonderful years to her TV man husband, Andy, and Bo, the black lab pound puppy completes their family. Most days you’ll find Missy working part-time at a local non-profit, leading worship, and chasing after her children. In her spare time, she enjoys writing/composing music, connecting with other women who are also in the trenches of life, and finding time to get to the giant pile of laundry in the basement. Missy loves a good laugh, crime documentaries, coffee, and naps. She also writes about overcoming strongholds on her blog: Inching Toward Freedom

I Just Realized Our Parents Were Clueless, Too

The 2020 Derecho was a life-changing event.  In a matter of 45 minutes, we were the proud owners of two totaled cars and rendered homeless.  Nothing in the world could have prepared me for...

Why Didn’t Y’all Tell Me About Nine-Year-Olds?

"Just wait until she's a teenager!" Let me let you in on a little something I just learned: the teenage years do not magically start with the age of 13.  Sure, sure, I know all...

Water Woes When the Pools are Closed: Now What?

If you have water babies like I do, the announcement that Cedar Rapids/Marion pools will not open this summer was not a welcome one. I, for one, was excited that Little was old enough to have...

Our Favorite Activities For Your Outdoor Explorers

With the need to stay home as much as possible not going away any time soon, and the weather getting better, I am itching to get outdoor to somewhere other than my backyard and...

Mamas Who Help, Here’s to You: A Toast to the Helping Professionals

March is National Social Work Month (shout out to my other SW sisters!), and I'd like to share my heart as someone in the helping profession who tries to balance that with the joy...

I Didn’t Know I’d Enjoy This

The word came down that school would be out for a month. I felt this deep pit in my stomach.  "What the crap am I going to do with these kids for a month?!  I...

Cha-Ching! What Plumbing Taught Me About Denial

If denial were a marketable skill I would be a millionaire. See, our toilet had been running for a while.  And by a while I mean the better part of a year.  I hollered to...

Non-Profit Spotlight: Parent Education Consortium

It's kind of funny how they just send you home from the hospital with this baby with full confidence that you can parent it.  Hilarious, really.  I have a Master's degree in this stuff...

One Day: A Letter to Myself on the Days I Am Drowning.

It's 3 a.m.  "Big" is in my bed--sideways, again.  I try and roll her over only to have her swing her arm into my face. 5:30.  "Little" roars like a dinosaur while running into the...

“Trash”-terpieces: Creating Art from Found Things

I LOVE TRASH!!!!!! Did anyone else remember that classic Oscar aria about his love for garbage?  Dude has a serious infatuation with all things discarded and I blame him for my children's love for raiding...