Lindsay Talsness

Lindsay Talsness
Lindsay grew up in Cedar Rapids and is surprised and delighted to find that she lives here as an adult. She's been married to a really great guy named Christian since 2007 and during that time, they've added three amazing kids to their family - Eadie (9), Graham (6), and Greta (4). Lindsay has spent time working as a content strategist, freelance writer, stay-at-home-mom, and is now enjoying homeschooling her kids. When she's not reenacting the Boston Tea Party for her kids with stuffed animals and fruit snacks, she loves being active outside, watching baseball games, reading great books, and having friends over for any reason at all. At the end of the day, Lindsay hopes she consistently lives out her faith, builds a strong family culture, and encourages moms around her in a meaningful way.

Three Life Lessons from the Worst Canoe Trip Ever

Who knew a horrible canoe trip could teach you important life lessons? Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with my kids to a local summer camp. It was...

A First Grade Boy’s Guide to School Picture Day

School picture day is rapidly approaching! Or as I like to think of it, the day my mom reminds me of Kari from The Incredibles movie. You know, the part where she answers the...

School Choice Series: Why Homeschooling is Our Choice

I do not consider myself the poster mom for homeschooling. I mean, there's no secret homeschool manifesto tucked away in a drawer somewhere, outlining my world-dominating educational plans! Instead of a manifesto on homeschooling, I...

Summer’s Almost Over, and I Feel Like I Didn’t Do Enough.

  I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes the other day when it came over me. I felt that awful, stomach tightening, breath-stealing, churning sensation that summer was rapidly coming to an end. It's...
A Four-Year-Olds Guide to Public Restrooms

A Four-Year-Old’s Guide to Using Public Restrooms

Hey there, my fellow preschoolers!  I consider myself an expert on public restrooms. “What makes you an expert?”, you ask, as you casually take a sip from your juice box. I'll tell you why: I recently...

Happy May Day! An Insider’s Guide to This Local Iowa Tradition

If you’re not a native Iowan, then chances are you didn’t grow up celebrating May Day with May Day Baskets.  But that’s no reason to ignore this fun tradition! As a kid growing up...

Earth Day: 10 Simple Ways I’m Rebelling Against the Consumer Mentality

I’ve been thinking about the titles we give past civilizations…. The Mound Builders, the Crusaders, the Explorers, and more. Those who study the past have identified broad characteristics of those who lived during those...

5 Secrets to Successfully Parenting Your 1-3 Year Old

Things were clicking along nicely for me with my firstborn until that fateful day in the shampoo aisle of Target. My content little baby somehow transformed into a tantrum-throwing toddler, making a shrieking sound...
Five Parenting Dilemmas Solved with a Stuffed Animals

Five Parenting Challenges You Can Solve With a Stuffed Animal

Some kids loved LEGOs. Others loved Barbies. Me? I loved stuffed animals. I still remember sitting in my room playing school,with a class full of stuffed animals staring attentively up at me. They were real characters,...

Yes, Virginia, You Can Write a Christmas Letter: Tips & Ideas for Writing

There is nothing like writing a family Christmas letter that strikes fear into the heart of a reluctant writer. Most would rather just slide the cute family photo into the envelope and call it...