Kristin Stoddard

Kristin is an Iowa transplant from Utah. Five years ago, she and her husband wondered what Iowa had to offer them, and they’re glad they decided to find out. Going on 12 years of marriage, and a proud mom of five, she devotes herself to motherhood and homemaking. A wildland firefighter turned stay-at-home mom, she spends her days fighting off imaginary pirates, building space-ship prototypes out of Legos, and belting out show tunes with her tiny ensemble.

Eight Ways You can Observe Earth Day With Your Kids

Our beautiful earth houses us and sustains life every single day. What a wonderful opportunity we have to observe and honor Earth Day on April 22!  Here are a few fresh ideas for celebrating Earth...

Let the Kids Get Muddy

Spring is just around the corner, and that usually means at least two things at my house: allergies and mud. Every year I feel excited for the snow to melt and to get to see...

Spread Love, Not COVID: Celebrating Valentine’s Day From Home

We’re on eleven months of quarantine and social distancing now, with no clear end in sight. I think most of us are getting a little COVID-fatigued. I’ve honestly never been a big fan of...

Six Practical Suggestions to Avoid the “Winter Blues”

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What I Learned From My Gingerbread Village Failure

I started a thing this year. I think it might be a new holiday tradition at our house. I didn't even do it on purpose, but I'm loving it. It all started with visions...

Seven Virtual Field Trips For Quarantined Kids

Whether you are homeschooling or have to be home due to quarantine or illness, these seven virtual field trips will help your kids feel like they can explore the world, even though they're stuck...

Are We Ready to Talk About Emergency Preparedness?

Emergency preparedness can seem daunting. But it's also important. I learned a lot about my emergency preparedness (and lack thereof) a few weeks ago during and following the derecho. And I feel like now is...

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas For Busy Families

Ready or not, it's back to school time! It's important that kids (and moms!) eat a healthy breakfast, but providing that can become overwhelming sometimes. Here are a few make-ahead breakfast ideas and recipes to...

Avoid Motherhood Burnout: Learn to Embrace Your Life

As a mom of toddlers and school-aged kids, I'm tired. I'm beyond exhausted. All the time. I think any mom feels me on this one. It can become a serious problem for some moms--the...