Kari Hessing

Kari (Pronounced Carrie) is proudly married to a Law Enforcement Officer and is a mama to four children. Born and raised in the South, Kari found her love here and now all of her favorite people are Iowans! In her "spare" time (WHO has that?!), you can find her reading, folding a never ending cycle of laundry, or snuggling up with the tiny humans she made. She loves being a stay at home, homeschooling mother, even in the thick of it, and feels blessed to share her snippets of life with the community!

No Shame: Talking to Our Kids about Mental Health

  My mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when I was twelve years old.  I remember all too well the pain and fear of losing her to such a scary illness. Sure, it wasn’t cancer, but...

Six Helpful Tips for Moving with Kids!

My family of six just moved into a beautiful home last month. We are still adjusting, and while everything is still fresh in my Mama brain I wanted to make a list of tips...

Life is Full of Surprises: How I Overcome the Challenges in My Life.

I’ve been told that happiness is all about how you view things. How you interpret change, surprises, challenges, and how you overcome them usually defines how happy you are or will be in life.  It...

We are Still United, Even While We Are Divided

United We Stand. Divided We Fall. Never has this phrase meant more than now… We have always known that humans are judgmental creatures. That is not news to anyone. What surprised me, however, was how quickly it became...

Five Things I Want To Teach My Children (And One I Don’t!)

When most of us discover that we are going to be parents (exciting AND terrifying!) we envision teaching the best behavior to our kiddos. We just know that our little sweeties will be the...

Life is Too Short Not to Laugh: A Twerking Story

No amount of parenting, reading, prayer, documentaries or research will prepare you for the day you catch your four year old twerking.  Yes, twerking.  I sometimes tell people I have two sets of kids. I have...
New Year New Me? No

New Year, Same Old Me: A NEW Perspective on Resolutions

We live in a self-love, body-positive, be mindful and present, self-care promoting society. So why do we have the one rule that every January 1st you must change something about yourself? Why are New...

This Holiday Thank You Card is Just For My Husband

Dear Husband, With the holidays fast approaching I want to let you in on a little secret. Although I am proud to be the parent who remembers the kids' sizes, favorite colors, and the newest...

Here’s Why I Am NEVER Having Kids.

I am never having kids because yours are jumping from couch to couch.  Because yours are screaming with joy as they bike through the kitchen.  Because yours had a diaper blowout and now the car seat...
A Letter To My Daughter in a Selfie Obsessed World

A Letter to my Daughter in a Selfie-Obsessed World.

I grew up in the land before Selfies. I was raised in the Polaroid, Instafilm, Kodak disposable camera era. And let me tell you… IT WAS BLISS. But I happily jumped on the digital camera...