Jennifer Pitkin

Jen is a good friend to have, even remotely. She’s full of awesome personal stories, research to back up her facts, and is always good for a perfectly timed pun. She’s also a mother to three little ones, who are often underfoot, generally when she’s *trying* to work. Her work includes: co-owning a private practice clinic in the Iowa City area called Encompass Lactation where she works as a Lactation Consultant, moonlighting as a freelancer for a few mom/baby magazines and product lines, and furiously working on publishing a book due this fall. When not hovering over a laptop, Jen is sitting with a glass of wine in hand, watching tv with her husband, Matthew.

Embarking on Adding a Puppy to your Family Can be Ruff

This month, we got a puppy! We already had a toddler.  We’re quickly learning that they’re eerily similar.  If you’re considering adding another member to your family (this time in furry form), here are a...

Dump Your Pump: A Guide to Breast Pump Sharing

From the different kinds of breast pumps to the rules regarding sharing them when you're done, this guide will help you decide if and how breast pump sharing can be done. Read on for...

World Breastfeeding Week – Cedar Rapids Style

August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week. What is World Breastfeeding Week? World Breastfeeding Week normalizes breastfeeding, raises awareness of the healthcare risks of not breastfeeding, and provides a more public image of local support groups so...

A New Breastfeeding Resource: La Leche League of Cedar Rapids

In preparation for World Breastfeeding Week, which occurs the first week of August annually, I interviewed Katie Hatch, one of the co-leaders of the new La Leche League of Cedar Rapids. This August 6th,...

Your Pediatrician Isn’t Your Parenting Expert

Everyone hates unsolicited parenting advice, and it seems as if there’s been an upsurge of it coming from a very confusing source.  It’s not Facebook. It’s not a parenting magazine. It’s from your pediatrician. Scroll...

The Only Toys You Should Buy

After packing and unpacking toys for three kids, I’ve realized that it’s really in every caregiver's best interest to purchase items that grown-ups can use, too.  Store-bought baby toys often look like hundreds of...

Sleep Deprivation is Real, People

I contemplated taking my most recent sleep deprived embarrassing story to the grave, but decided to own it.  Lack of sleep often leads to a navy seal-like ability to work through extreme circumstances, such...