Jaclyn Richmond

Jaclyn Richmond
Jaclyn is an Iowa native with roots in the Midwest, but a heart full of wanderlust. She loves to run, read and travel. She and her husband, Mark, have 3 daughters (13, 11, and 7) and an incredible baby boy in Heaven. She spends her days split quite evenly between teaching Spanish at Xavier High School and taxiing her girls around CR as they try to find their passions. She’s a firm believer that it’s not joy that makes us grateful, but rather gratitude that makes us joyful.

The Santa Question: Man of Myth or Man of Legend?

A few nights ago while tucking in my girls, I received the trifecta of tough questions.  My youngest questioned the fairness of her bedtime, a query that always seems to lead to the “life isn’t...

Just Say No-vember: The Importance of Saying No

I just can’t. I have hit my limit. It's time to say no. If you are anything like me, notifications from Doodle Pool, Volunteer Spot, or Sign-Up Genius currently fill your inbox. I find...

Halloween DIY: Spooktacular Family Costume Ideas

The amount of money, time and effort that goes into Halloween sometimes makes my stomach churn. Expensive, one-time-use costumes. Racing home from work to get everyone a real meal before the sugar...

Back to School: Slaying Life in the Carpool Line

Welcome to the carpool line at school--more notably known as the fifth ring of hell. Apparently, the simple concept of pulling up to the first orange cone is often confusing to the frazzled, behind-schedule...

School Choice: Why We Chose A Religious School

If you live in or around the Cedar Rapids area, there is no doubt that you chose an excellent place to lay down roots. Voted as 2019’s 22nd best place to raise a family...

Sneaky Summer Studies: Fun Ways to Encourage Learning This Summer

The sunshine is calling and freedom is at our fingertips. Summer vacation has finally arrived! I can’t wait to let my children soak up every ounce of relaxation this summer and let them have...

Mother’s Day? Nope, I’ll pass.

364 days of the year mothers teach, nurture, and care for their children. They pour their heart and soul into the tiny humans  with whom they have been entrusted. They stash their independent, coffee-sipping,...

Drop Everything and Read: Our Favorite Books from Birth to Age 12+

Although the spring weather has given us a reason to get out and be active, tomorrow, April 12, we celebrate "Drop Everything and Read Day!" So get your books ready, find your favorite spot,...

Trisomy Awareness: Celebrating Atypical Kids and Their Moms

Parenting is hard. Can I get an Amen!? But, parenting a child with extra needs...now that is extra hard. March is a month that has my heart. This third month we give a shout-out...

Sparking Joy: Before You Organize, Change How You Shop

"Sparking joy" is all the rage these days. Thanks to Marie Kondo, drawers around the world have found their organized way into our hearts. My social media feeds are filled with KonMari organizer boxes...