Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger
At Cedar Rapids Moms we are always looking for Guest Bloggers!! If you have a unique perspective or story that you think our readers would be interested in, please email us at [email protected]!
Baby Side Lying for Play

Positions for Play: Put Your Baby On Their Side

Side lying is a fantastic position for your little one with many developmental benefits.  From a sensory perspective, baby begins to learn about the sides of their body which will eventually support rolling and...

It’s Much More Than Just a Classroom

Before I had my son I was a different kind of mother; I was a high school teacher!  I had a cozy little classroom with a sofa in the middle and a crazy bunch...

I Am A Mom With Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. Here Is What My Life...

My days probably don’t look much different from yours. I go to workouts almost every day, drop off my kid at school, attend a couple of weekly Bible studies, and spend almost my whole...
Increase Productivity and Planning with The Agenda. Period

Increase Your Planning + Productivity with the Agenda. Period!

*Special thanks to our partner, Alyx Coble-Frakes, for sharing this information with us!*   Women spend on average 8 years of their lives on their period. That’s a long time. We also spend all of our reproductive...

What’s the Best Way to Pay Off My Debt?

*Special thanks to our partner, Clint Brady from Northwestern Mutual, for sharing this information with us! According to a 2019 Northwestern Mutual Planning and Progress study, 34 percent of Americans’ monthly income is going toward...

Going “No-Contact”: Closing the Door on Toxic Relationships

When I was growing up, I heard one mantra over and over. Blood is thicker than water. I was told that family comes first. No matter what. No questions asked. However, as I got older, I...
Sandwich Generation

Are You Going to Get Sandwiched?

We are not discussing the viral social media argument from earlier this year on whether a hotdog is a sandwich or not. (A hotdog is a hoagie or sub, which is a a...

Preparing Financially for a Stay-At-Home Parent

*Special thanks to our partner, Clint Brady with Northwestern Mutual, for sharing this information with us!* It hit him like a cold bucket of water to the face. A shock that takes your breath away...
Make a Difference with REM Iowa's Host Home Program!

Make a Difference (And an Income!) From Home as a Host Home Mentor

Let’s be honest, being a parent is hard work. It’s challenging to juggle providing for the needs of our families physically, emotionally, and financially. Not to mention our own desires and dreams.   For a long...

I Miscarried At Work And I Suffered Alone

I miscarried at work and I suffered alone. I thought I wanted it that way, but looking back, I could have used the support.  At the time, I felt an overwhelming amount of shame,...