Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger
At Cedar Rapids Moms we are always looking for Guest Bloggers!! If you have a unique perspective or story that you think our readers would be interested in, please email us at [email protected]!
Fostering Resilience in children

Fostering Resilience in Children After the Derecho and Beyond: For Parents and Caregivers

*Thank you to our partners at Murray, Wilson, and Rose Counseling & Behavioral Services for sharing this information with us! The derecho that devastated Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities on August 10th has had an...
Baby Side Lying for Play

Positions for Play: Put Your Baby On Their Side

Side lying is a fantastic position for your little one with many developmental benefits.  From a sensory perspective, baby begins to learn about the sides of their body which will eventually support rolling and...

It’s Much More Than Just a Classroom

Before I had my son I was a different kind of mother; I was a high school teacher!  I had a cozy little classroom with a sofa in the middle and a crazy bunch...

I Am A Mom With Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. Here Is What My Life...

My days probably don’t look much different from yours. I go to workouts almost every day, drop off my kid at school, attend a couple of weekly Bible studies, and spend almost my whole...
Increase Productivity and Planning with The Agenda. Period

Increase Your Planning + Productivity with the Agenda. Period!

*Special thanks to our partner, Alyx Coble-Frakes, for sharing this information with us!*   Women spend on average 8 years of their lives on their period. That’s a long time. We also spend all of our reproductive...

What’s the Best Way to Pay Off My Debt?

*Special thanks to our partner, Clint Brady from Northwestern Mutual, for sharing this information with us! According to a 2019 Northwestern Mutual Planning and Progress study, 34 percent of Americans’ monthly income is going toward...

Going “No-Contact”: Closing the Door on Toxic Relationships

When I was growing up, I heard one mantra over and over. Blood is thicker than water. I was told that family comes first. No matter what. No questions asked. However, as I got older, I...
Sandwich Generation

Are You Going to Get Sandwiched?

We are not discussing the viral social media argument from earlier this year on whether a hotdog is a sandwich or not. (A hotdog is a hoagie or sub, which is a a...

Preparing Financially for a Stay-At-Home Parent

*Special thanks to our partner, Clint Brady with Northwestern Mutual, for sharing this information with us!* It hit him like a cold bucket of water to the face. A shock that takes your breath away...
Make a Difference with REM Iowa's Host Home Program!

Make a Difference (And an Income!) From Home as a Host Home Mentor

Let’s be honest, being a parent is hard work. It’s challenging to juggle providing for the needs of our families physically, emotionally, and financially. Not to mention our own desires and dreams.   For a long...