Emily Patel

Emily is an ER nurse turned stay-at-home mama to a beautiful & spirited daughter, Penelope, and wife to an ER Physician. Prior to staying home, she was in the ER setting for over ten years, where she met her husband in 2015. She's an Iowa native, but new to Cedar Rapids since 2013. In 2018 she started started an Intentional Motherhood blog called OakB.Co with the intention to encourage, help, and energize mothers while giving them tools to lessen their workload, help build an authentic community, and inspire them to realize they are enough. She's a busy mama who pretty much lives on coffee and donuts!
DIY Sensory Play

Simple DIY Sensory Play with Therapy Putty & Pony Beads

Sensory play is a vital tool for all children. You may have heard other parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors comment on the use of sensory play for certain children. However, I feel it's important...
New Mom on the Block

Ten Moves, Ten Years: The New Mom on the Block

Have you ever had to start over? You know, where you just feel like you’re getting settled in, and now you’re off to a new place to start all over again? Has this happened...
Life After Infertility

Even When IVF Works, The Shame and Guilt of Infertility Still Linger

Building a family looks different for everyone, but for my husband and me, we needed a helper. Where it all Began I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF), or early menopause, at the age of...

Baby and Me Yoga: The Benefits of a Motherhood Community

Being a first-time mom, I found myself struggling to get out of the house. I found every reason not to leave. "My daughter is too young still. She's too small; she could get sick." "I need...

A Mother’s Legacy: A Letter To the Mother-in-Law I Never Met

Mother's Day isn't the same without you. We celebrate motherhood and all the wonderful things about our mothers, but you aren't here to be a part of those. It has often made me sad...
Sexual Violence Doesn't Always Look the Way You Think It Will

Sexual Violence Doesn’t Always Look the Way You Think It Will

Sexual violence doesn’t always look the way you think it will. Sexual violence doesn’t always come at you screaming “look at me, look at me.” It can be subtle. It can show up in...