Courtney Dayton

Courtney likes to describe herself as a lover of lists and post-its, all things nerdy, and as an all-around pretty awesome person. She lives in Marion with her husband, Jon, their two sons, and their two crazy cats. Both of her boys are rainbow babies, with Everett arriving in December 2013, and Hendrix in March 2016. Courtney is a Penn State graduate, and currently works as a team lead for a state agency. Aside from attempting to be successful at this parenting thing, she likes to go on adventures with her family that includes trying out all the local parks and ice cream stops. Courtney also likes to binge watch Netflix, attempt all things from Pinterest, and can be occasionally be found on her couch doing both
Star Wars and Parenting

Star Wars and Parenting: May the Four Lessons Be With You

I don’t know about you, but Star Wars has been something that has been a part of my life and family for a really long time! It was something that was introduced to both...

Four Lessons From the Garden

In my home, there are these three little wooden boxes in the backyard. 5 feet by 5 feet of dirt-filled wonder. Each spring, we pour over seed catalogs and think about what we want to grow...

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Let’s just be blunt and real. Society is often extremely unfair to mothers. We are expected to be everything. We should be working mothers, but we should also be home with our children. Moms are...

Spread the Love: Small Ways to Connect With Your Partner

February is the month where we celebrate love and its many forms, but did you know is also the national month for relationship wellness? Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to show your partner...

Forget Resolutions: Choose a Word of the Year!

At the start of the year, it was always my tradition to write out a page long list of resolutions for the year. They would focus on different parts of my life: health, faith, relationships,...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Weight Loss Surgery

I shared before that I was planning on getting bariatric (weight loss) surgery and my reasons for it. I am happy to report that I am now six months out and wanted to share...

Go, See, Explore: Indian Creek Nature Center

One of our favorite activities to do as a family is to go on nature walks. I know most people call them “hikes,” but our boys have always referred to them as “nature walks”...

Half-Empty to Half-Full: Reframing Your Mindset

I’m grateful for my life. Truly, I am. I am still as in love with my husband today as I was 15 years ago when we first met as young college kids (honestly, even more...

Saying Goodbye to Smudge: Our Family’s Experience With Pet Loss

I noticed it slowly at first. Smudge, my cat, was not moving as much. She wasn’t really wanting to jump up on couches or on my bed to visit me. Smudge seemed more content...

Are Your Kids Bored Yet? Try These Easy Activities For Kids!

Now that we're knee-deep in the midst of summer, I knew that it was time for me to put together my list of fun activities for kids to do. While I’m a firm believer that...