Courtney Dayton

Courtney Dayton
Courtney likes to describe herself as a lover of lists and post-its, all things nerdy, and as an all-around pretty awesome person. She lives in Marion with her husband, Jon, their two sons, and their two crazy cats. Both of her boys are rainbow babies, with Everett arriving in December 2013, and Hendrix in March 2016. Courtney is a Penn State graduate, and currently works as a team lead for a state agency. Aside from attempting to be successful at this parenting thing, she likes to go on adventures with her family that includes trying out all the local parks and ice cream stops. Courtney also likes to binge watch Netflix, attempt all things from Pinterest, and can be occasionally be found on her couch doing both

Pretend Play: Getting Lost in Your Imagination

The world can definitely be a scary place for our little ones right now. Suddenly they aren’t allowed to go to school anymore, they may not be able to see certain people due to...

A Heavy Topic: Why I’m getting Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve been considered morbidly obese for most of my adult life. I have struggled with my weight since middle school. I was always a skinny child, but once puberty came knocking, the pounds added up....
Cedar Rapids Food Pantries and Food Assistance Programs

Guide to Cedar Rapids Area Food Pantries and Free Meal Programs

Whether you're in need of food assistance in the Cedar Rapids Area, or are looking to donate items or volunteer your time to a Cedar Rapids food pantry or program, we've got you covered...

Guide to Cedar Rapids Area Domestic Violence Support Groups and Resources

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that 1 in 3 women will be physically assaulted by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. Also according to the...

The Spirit of Christmas: Teaching Children about Giving

Christmas is often such a magical time of the year--the lights, the food, the gifts, the special feeling that comes with being with family and giving. It would be regrettable to gloss over the fact...
Cedar Rapids Christmas Tree Farms

Guide to Cedar Rapids Area Christmas Tree Farms 2019

There's nothing quite like heading out with your family in search of the perfect Christmas tree!! If you're seeking to cut down your own Christmas tree this year, check out these great Cedar Rapids...

Mom Hacks: Five Apps that Help me “Mom” Better

I still remember my first cell phone. It was one of those brick Nokias with the changeable faceplates. It was primarily used to placate my mother by allowing her to be able to check...
We Are a No Censor Household

Freedom of Expression: Why We Are a No-Censor Household

I’m about to say something that I know will probably get me the side-eye from you:  I don’t censor the world or myself around my kids. So what do I mean by this? Well, I...

It isn’t “All In My Head”: This Is Life With Fibromyalgia

Over the years, I felt like something was off. Something with my body was not quite right and I couldn’t place it. As the years went on, it grew worse. After I had my...
Going Gray: Coming to Terms With The Silver Streaks

Going Gray Gracefully: Embracing My Silver Streaks

I can vividly remember the day my mother was helping me put up my hair in a braid and she casually stated, “I think you have a gray hair.” I laughed at her and...