Ashley Massa

Ashley is a converted Iowa girl having moved to Cedar Rapids when she was 12. After years away at college and graduate school, she returned and put down roots with her husband, two cats, and daughter, Hattie. She loves her job as a busy IT manager for a transportation company and strives for that work-life integration nirvana. Ashley finds joy in being involved with her family, mom-tribe, and the CR community. Having her first child later in life, she tries to let the small stuff go (hello cleaning service!) and focus her free-time and energy on her family. Once life calms down a little (haha) she hopes to pursue her passion for "fancy" baking and painting.

My Family’s Journey to Sustainability: Part 1

Six months after my daughter was born, I traveled to Des Moines with two of my girlfriends.  One of the things we talked about was our greatest fears.  Theirs clearly focused on their kids:...

Postpartum Depression is Real. Here’s What Helps Me Through It:

I’ve had depression and severe anxiety since I was kid. Though I wasn’t officially diagnosed until 24, I can look back at certain times in my life and recognize the signs. When I got...
I Travel For Work. Here's How I Stay Connected to My Toddler

I Travel For Work. Here’s How I Stay Connected With My Toddler

When I took my new job last year, I knew there would be travel, eventually.  It came a lot sooner than me or my husband were expecting and it was intense.  I was scheduled...