Amy Stouffer

Amy Stouffer is a mom, a nature lover, a content creator, and Chief Freelance Illustrator at She and her husband Teeg stay busy raising two young men: Goody (7) and Finn (5). After many years in the Pacific Northwest and Omaha, they moved to the Cedar Rapids area in 2017 to be closer to family -- and so far, so good! When she's not doodling with a Sharpie or chasing kids, Amy enjoys using her media and marketing backgrounds in various volunteer roles, and she's forever daydreaming about which business to start next.
The Mental Load of Mom

Our Invisible Burden: The Mental Load of Moms

If your ‘mom brain’ could talk, would it sound a little like this? ……Let’s seeeeeee… soccer practice is at 4:30, so we need to be rolling by 4:10 or else we’ll be late. I’ll bring...
Back to School Safety | Cedar Rapids Moms

Back To School Safety: What One SRO Wants You To Know

Backpacks loaded with school supplies? Check. New clothes and shoes purchased? Check. Paperwork and registration completed? Check. But what about school safety? While parents everywhere are making sure all the necessities of the school year are...
Pontooning and Life Lessons | Cedar Rapids Moms Blog

Float On: Lessons from a Pontoon

“Ummmmm… are you having a midlife crisis?!” That was the first thing that came out of my mouth that evening back in March when my husband first casually suggested that we buy a pontoon...

Mom Spotlight: Katie Lipsett, New Owner of the Cedar Rapids Moms Blog

If you had asked Katie Lipsett if owning a moms' blog in her hometown someday was on her bucket list, she’d admittedly say no. But never say never, right? Katie’s path in this journey began as...
Summer Anxiety

Summer Anxiety: One Mom’s Pep Talk

School is officially finished this week, and I know I’m supposed to feel really excited for summer break. All the free time! Fun in the sun! Friends! An open schedule that is ours to fill...