Amy Lovseth

Amy is a North Dakota girl who fell in love with Iowa when she moved to Cedar Rapids as a newlywed in 2006. She's an elementary teacher turned homeschooling mom of twin girls (2011) and a little sister (2014). Her ongoing struggle, is keeping faith at the heart of family life, while still encouraging each of her girls to follow their passions and find their unique gifts. Amy is a lover of words, winter sports, theater, and chocolate. She hopes you find love and encouragement through the posts on CRMoms because mom-ing is always better together.

Take Your Kids on Vacations They Won’t Remember

This spring, I found myself under the Florida sun, feet in the sugar-white sand, and book in hand. With my seven and nine year olds happily building a sandcastle nearby, we were definitely doing vacation...

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids

Summer swim season is finally upon us and you bet we are ready now that the pools will be open this year! These 6 summer swim must-haves are some of the best quality items...
DIY Birthday Number Shirt

DIY Birthday Number Shirts

If your kids are anything like mine, they cannot WAIT for their birthday every year! In anticipation for the big day when my twin girls turned 6, we made DIY Birthday Number Shirts with...
Share the Love 5 Ways for Children to Show Love to the Community

Share the Love: 5 Easy Ways for Children to Help Our Community

In the midst of a pandemic, our community was also devastated by a derecho. If there ever was a time to give some extra love, it's right here and right now! In honor of...
Top 5 YouTube Channels for Children's Books Read Aloud

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Children’s Read-Aloud Books

My kids and I used to love trips to the library where they could browse the shelves and bring home our book bin brimming with new titles to enjoy. Despite our library network’s amazing...

Cedar Rapids Moms Favorites: Best Ice Cream In and Around Cedar Rapids

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! We asked local moms for their favorite ice cream places and here are the results: Cedar Rapids Almost Famous Popcorn & Ice Cream Address:1121 3rd St SE,...
5 Places to Explore Caves in Iowa

5 Places to Explore Caves Near Cedar Rapids

Grab your flashlights and get ready to explore some cool caves within a short drive from Cedar Rapids. In fact, grab your jackets, too, because no matter the weather, these caves really are cool....
DIY Derecho Ornaments

Broken Beauty: DIY Derecho Christmas Ornaments

The August 10th Derecho was something we'd all like to forget. With piles of debris still lining city streets, schools delayed and many businesses, homes, and parks damaged, the derecho is pretty hard to forget....
Grill Safety: Almost Lost My Family

Grill Safety: The Day I Almost Lost My Family

It was an ordinary summer evening. I was at the grocery store picking up some last minute items for supper. I had left my kids playing in the backyard with my husband, who was putting...
Childhood Matters Earlier is Not Better

Childhood Matters: Earlier is NOT Better

I see you, mama.   You, who worries because your toddler could care less about colors, shapes, or counting. All while your neighbor’s tot rattles them off like the daily special.   You, whose two-year-old still...