Amber Hoy

Amber grew up Eastern Iowa. Coe College brought her to Cedar Rapids, but her love for the city and community made her stay. She and her husband of 15 years, Shannon, share a home in Marion with their two children (13 year old daughter & 10 year old son). Her passions include outdoor activities in our city’s many parks and trails, exploring unique, locally owned business, as well as all things creative. If you ask her about her bucket list, she’ll share endless travel destinations! Amber spends her days as the Director of Fundraising Marketing, leading a talented team of creatives for nearly 18 years. She is also a devoted advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other underrepresented causes.

Why Do I Love {All Things} Fall Most of All?

Why do I love fall? There are so many reasons. I’ll share a few and hopefully remind you how much you love fall, too. With the chaos of last year and all the fun activities, social...

Last Minute Ideas for Summer Fun

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Prioritize Physical Activity with These Easy Tips!

As mothers, we struggle with prioritizing ourselves. We know “me time” is so critical to our physical and emotional wellbeing, but when the weight of day-to-day responsibilities feels oppressive, it is even more challenging to...

Farmers’ Markets Return: Cedar Rapids Area Farmers Markets 2021

Summer is finally here ... and so are Farmers' Markets! With the changing seasons, we're set to see the return of many local events, including the well-reputed Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers' Market, which is a...

Mental Health Awareness Month: Supporting a Loved One Who Self-Harms

May is National Mental Health Awareness month, during which open conversations about the state of mental health in our nation, communities, and homes are of paramount importance. We’ve done much to improve the state of...

Have a New Driver? Here are Tips for Navigating Iowa’s Driver’s License Laws

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The Hard Truth: My Kids Just Hate Group Activities

As parents, we hit the “our children are their own individuals” stage at different times. Regardless of when, truly acknowledging and accepting this fact can be hard. It's especially hard when these changes bring about...
Winter Blues

Winter Blues Busters: Happiness Generators To Help You Push Through

Winter in Iowa is hard. The lack of sunshine, outdoor activities and gatherings can have you feeling down in the dumps during a normal year. Add the second year of a global pandemic, political...

We had COVID-19, and We Are Still Recovering

I know; we are all sick of hearing and talking about COVID-19. I get it. Frankly, so am I. But, we’re not talking enough about one important aspect — what COVID-19 recovery is like...

Where to Have an Awesome Girls’ Night Out In Cedar Rapids

These cool autumn days are usually my favorite time of the year, especially when spent with my girlfriends. Long, scenic drives, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards, hayrides and campfires, craft fairs, and seasonal shopping...