Amanda Smestad

Amanda is a lifelong Cedar Rapidian along with her husband Chad and their seven daughters. She has been blessed by her littles at the ages of 21, 24, 32, 34 and again at 42. Her oldest two girls are now young adults and living their own lives, her middle girls are in their tweens and teens, and to round it all out, identical twin toddlers, four dogs and a house that is never empty.

Smoke-Free Five years and Counting: Breaking Hard Habits One Day at a Time

Up In Smoke On June 6th, 2016 I smoked my last cigarette. Far too many years and thousands of dollars later. Wasted on absolutely nothing, literally up in smoke. I enjoyed it when I did...

So You’ve Got a New Graduate: Advice from a Mom Who’s Been There

Change Happens in the Wind It's the end of another school year.  The preschoolers will move into kindergarten.  5th graders move up to middle school.  And the 8th graders are moving to high school.  But,...