Alex Moellers

Alex is a former cook and culinary arts graduate turned stay at home mom to her sweet heart warrior toddler, Wyatt. Alex moved to Cedar Rapids almost 10 years ago after graduating from UNI where she met her husband. While awaiting her husband to return home from his first deployment, she stays busy by having dance parties with Wyatt, taking her two dogs on long walks, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, reading, and watching reality tv.

Christmas Pajamas: Why I Hated Them as a Child and Love Them Now

When you think back to your childhood, what holiday traditions do you remember the most?  Which ones did you love? Which ones did you hate?   I am positive that as my mom reads this,...

A Thanksgiving Recipe: Green Bean Casserole from Scratch

Y’all, 2020 has been wild to say the least.  Every evening I sigh loudly and think, “I have to cook dinner AGAIN?” I have not been to an actual restaurant to dine in since...

Cedar Rapids Moms Favorites: Best Mexican Food in Cedar Rapids

I have always been a lover of guacamole, but my interest in Mexican cuisine grew once I was in culinary school.  I was doing a group project in my final semester, and we were...

Someone Always Has it Worse Than You

Am I the only one that feels traumatized by the derecho? Just scrolling social media, I see a lot of people feeling overwhelmed or sad.  There was an unexpected feeling I noticed too: guilt. It seems...

A Guide to Cedar Rapids Gently-Used Clothing Stores

When I think back to being a kid, what I remember about the end of summer was the back to school clothes shopping.  Listen-- I get that things look different (ahem, I mean rather...

Are You Mom-Shaming Me?

I remember clearly the first time I felt I was being mom-shamed. My son was two months old and was in the Pediatric Cardiology Intensive Care Unit. Because of his condition, he needed to be...