Breastfeeding Support Cart for the Nursing Mama

A nursing basket or cart is a perfect way to have all of your nursing supplies in one easy to reach location.  They’re great to put together before baby’s arrival and would be an amazing baby shower gift to give an expectant mom!

Breastfeeding Support Cart for the Nursing Mama

With my last baby, I made a couple of nursing baskets and they were a huge help.  This time around I decided to purchase a utility cart from Target, so I could easily wheel it to whatever room I’ll be nursing in.  Trust me, these little breastfeeding support kits are lifesavers when your little one is going through a growth support or cluster feeding.

Here’s what’s in my breastfeeding support cart:

Breastfeeding Support Cart for the Nursing Mama

1. Utility cart or basket

Fill up a couple of baskets or use a utility cart with the essentials that you need during a nursing session.

2. Water cup

I was constantly thirsty whenever I was nursing and you’ll want to be sure you’re staying hydrated as it helps tremendously with milk supply!  I suggest finding a good cup that doesn’t “sweat” and has a straw.  Dripping ice cold water on yourself or your baby is never fun! Also, a cute and comfortable tumbler always motivates me to drink more H2O!

3. Healthy snacks

Having snacks within reach is helpful for those long nursing sessions or those days when you haven’t even had a chance to feed yourself.  You can find many lactation bars or cookies on the market now that will assist in your milk supply.  Or check out this post for a few awesome recipes to help boost lactation.  They’re delicious and full of nutrients that will give you energy and boost your supply.

4. Breast pump

I just like keeping all of my supplies in one location, so I keep my breast pump in my cart. Also, in addition to my electric pump, I purchased a manual pump to use on the opposite side of where baby is nursing to collect extra milk. You know every drop is pure liquid gold!

5. Lanolin

A must have to help prevent and restore cracked, dry nipples!

6. Swaddles

These can be used to keep baby warm, clean up milk spills, or when unexpected visitors arrive.

7. Chapstick

I always had dry lips when I nursed my last baby, so I’m throwing a couple of sticks in my breastfeeding support cart this time.

8. Hair ties

These are perfect for when your baby starts the “hair grabbing” phase aka when I wear a top knot for four months straight until baby is over having a death grip on my hair.

9. Nursing pads

These are nice to have right next to you when you’re done nursing to switch out the damp ones.

10. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, so I like to apply this daily to help keep infections away.

11. Books or magazines

Again, those cluster feedings and growth spurts can have you sitting or laying down with your baby for a long period of time.  Books, magazines, word puzzles, etc. are good to keep your entertained and relaxed.  They’re also good to have on hand during pumping sessions when you don’t have your cute baby to stare at.

12. Hand sanitizer

Washing your hands with soap and water is best, but sometimes that’s just not an option when things are hectic.  I like to keep hand sanitizer on hand if I need it before or after nursing.

Breastfeeding Support Cart for the Nursing Mama

Those are the supplies I’m putting in my breastfeeding support cart! Let me know if you have additional must-haves that I missed. Breastfeeding can be a long journey, so I love hearing new tips and tricks from other moms!

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