5 Must Have Items for Baby #2

Many moms religiously research baby products for their first baby. They read through all of the reviews of products before adding it to their registry, making sure that it will be perfect for their new baby. Products are added that are rarely used and end up taking up space.

5 Must Have Items for Baby #2

I have always been known as a planner, so preparing for our first baby was no different. I read and researched every “popular” baby item and they were on our registry. When our daughter was born, I realized how little we actually needed to keep her alive. Diapers, sleep ‘n play pajamas, formula or breast milk and a place for her to sleep were really the essentials. Everything else that we had around the house was just stuff that took up space!

I thought for sure we wouldn’t need any new products, given how few items we actually used the first time. This was the case for the most part, but there are the five products I considered must-have items for baby #2:

1. Baby Carrier

Our first hated being worn as a newborn and tolerated it occasionally when she got a bit older. I didn’t push it much with her because I had two free hands most times to carry her around. With our second baby, I knew I needed to find carriers that worked. I settled on the K’tan and Tula, which were two carriers I didn’t have with our first. These were hands down the best purchases I made. We had five family weddings in her first year of life. I was able to wear her at all of the wedding receptions and she snoozed right through. She was also born 3 weeks before her sister turned two and I wore her in the K’tan while she slept the whole birthday party. Baby wearing was a game changer for me for baby #2.

2. Good Double Stroller

You’ll hear mixed opinions on buying a double stroller, but for our family, it was a must. Our kids are 23 months apart, so there was no way that our 2 year old would walk for long durations. We love to go on family walks in our neighborhood and to different events around town. Our double stroller comes with us anywhere we go. We made sure to purchase one that will convert back to a single stroller so we can still use it for one kid.

3. New Bottles/Bottle Nipples/Sippy Cups

Our old bottles and sippy cups were gross from over a year use from our first that it was a no brainer for us to purchase new of these. I struck with the same brand of bottles that we used before and they worked great for our second.

4. Sound Machine

We used a sound machine for naps and bedtime with our first child, but I knew we absolutely would need one for our second baby. A loud toddler who doesn’t understand the concept of indoor voices can ruin nap time without white noise. Our younger daughter is an amazing napper and night-time sleeper thanks to the white noise machine. We use this one for both girls, but I’ve also heard great things about this one.

5. Baby Swing or Bouncy Seat

My first child hardly ever went in our very expensive baby swing. We usually would hold her when she was sleeping and didn’t set her down very often. This is pretty typical for first time parents, but with our second, there was no way we could do that all the time. We had a 2-year-old who needed us, too, and often required a lot of attention. Our baby swing came back in full force and we even borrowed a floor bouncy seat from a friend. The baby was off the floor from little hands or licks from our dog and often very content (at least for a few minutes)!

5 Must Have Items for Baby #2

Would you add anything to this list?

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Elizabeth is a personable, outgoing mom living in Cedar Rapids and working as a high school counselor. She met her husband, Ryan, in high school, but were friends for several years. They started dating while they were both at the University of Iowa and have been married since 2009. After enjoying 5.5 years as a married couple with only a dog to be responsible for, they added to their family in November 2014 when their daughter Elin was born. They welcomed their second daughter, Myla, in October 2016. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys being outside, reading, traveling, attempting to be crafty, running, cheering on the Hawkeyes and spending time with family and friends. She’s loved seeing Cedar Rapids through the lens of a mom and all our city has to offer for families.